Skating by the Numbers // Jan 2020

January went so quickly, I can hardly believe it’s over! It was an exciting month personally and also skating-wise. My decision about which level to register for was taken out of my hands since the class I was eventually recommended for was full at that point. Instead I’ve ended up in our rink’s USFS bridge program, SHSA Pewter (with like two other adults on a good day). It’s definitely a different experience than Adult Basic, but I think it’s been good for me. Not only am I surrounded by children who are more advanced than me (included one of my students from work) but I’m also the least advanced of the adults. Because of this, I’m really pushing myself in a way that I don’t think I would have in Adult 5.

With that out of the way, here some numbers for the month and a list of new skills (mind you these are things I was introduced to, not things I’ve mastered)

Ice Time Stats:

Total Ice Time12.25 hours
Days When I Skated15 days
Ice Time (Lessons)1.5 hours
Ice Time (Practice)10.75 hours
Average Weekly Ice Time2.8 hours

New Skills

  • Forward outside 3-turns (pretty solid)
  • Forward inside 3-turns (okay, not great on the right)
  • Lunges (getting down: fine, getting up: yikes)
  • Spirals (woof, but also I’ve only done like 4 sooo…)
  • Pivots (stronger counter-clockwise, okay clockwise)
  • 2-foot spins (getting better)
  • Waltz jump (did it away from the boards, working on form and landing position)

Honorable mention skills (things I tried that did not exactly go well):

  • Mohawk turns (ooof)
  • Counter-clockwise jumps (I realized at one point that I was jumping clockwise and spinning counter-clockwise, I attempted a counter-clockwise waltz jump on the boards and it was a disaster. Luckily, though my pivots are stronger going counter-clockwise, my actual spins are actually easier going clockwise)

2020 Skating Goals

A lot happened in 2019 but I can’t say I’m sad to see it go. This was a hard year. But, a lot of good things happened too. I started grad school, and I returned to skating, for real this time!

With that in mind, let’s get down to business, skating goals for 2020.

Getting out of LTS 3 means I’m in uncharted territory here, so I’m not exactly sure what is realistic but I’ve done okay making it up as I go up to this point, so why stop now!

  1. Finish Adult Basic – This one is a bit of a freebie but I’m looking forward to finishing all the same.
  2. Determine a training program going forward – Again, this is a bit of a natural progression from passing Basic, but at this point I have no idea what will be suitable/feasible skating-wise or financially. Since this will have a huge impact on what comes next, getting it sorted is one of my top priorities for the new year.
  3. Start testing – Even though I’m not sure what my training situation will look like, I’m pretty sure I want to start testing. I like having something concrete to work towards and a year is a long time to get myself in order.
  4. Start training single jumps – With testing in mind, jumps are going to need to happen. I won’t lie, the idea of jumping freaks me out a bit but I know this is something I want to work towards.
  5. Develop a consistent off-ice training schedule – With my schedule and school, I’ve been pretty lucky to get as much as time as I have but off ice is much more feasible for me to push myself with. Honestly, I’m looking forward to being able to go to freestyle sessions just for the added schedule flexibility, as my work schedule means four out of seven days are straight out right now. Regardless, I have a lot more control over my off-ice training and I’d like to get more serious about it. I have access to a set number of discounted personal training sessions through my school so that is something I might try to explore.

My professors would despair of me with this goal list (SMART goals they are not lol) but it’s hard to get too specific without knowing how things are going to go after Basic. Regardless, this list is for myself and I’m not seeking grant funding, so I’ll give myself a pass for now.

Look out for my favorite books of 2019, and maybe another cookie recipe, coming up soon!